Oman Shits Big Turd

Diva Staxxx’s New Dual Angle Funk!!

Diva Staxxx is back with some great new dual angle FUNK!! She decided to have some fun while at home for change – this woman is always on the move. But this time she decided to make a Dual Angle pile!! Enjoy as she begins with a little poot, then comes into her bedroom to setup for her shoot. Enjoy as she unleashed a FUNKY pile, taking a big dump from two different camera angles. This is a nice two for one from Ms Staxxx!!

Helpless Slave With Two Mistress – Full Movie

He’s at the mercy of these sick bitches who will do anything to humiliate the shit outta him! They use enema on him and on themselves in order to produce loads of shit they can play with! They smear the disgusting scat all over their bodies and on his body too! They make him drink their piss as well. Poor man!


Baby is sexy farting in long dress and on the toilet;)

Underground Toilet Slave Part 9

This Movie was the first real cruel Movie we made. It smelled so bad and the Slave was dizzy after the 4th Girl and wanted out, but since he was tied up underneath and our Weight kept him in Place, I just kicked him in the Face and told him: ‘Shut up, You will finish this fucking Movie!’ After the Movie, he said, never again. But he is still here Part 9 with Nataly. English Subtitles