Oman Shits Her Diaper

Humiliated By Vivienne L’amour

Sometimes dreams just come true! I guess you can say this about this scene with Goddess Vivienne l’Amour and slave Bryan. Slave Bryan that has been a loyal filming slave with us here at has several times requested to act together with Goddess Vivienne l’Amour just as well as he has requested more clips including golden showers. As you probably already have guessed both of his dreams come true is this great scene. Also, a scene that shows why Goddess Vivienne l’Amour is rated, as one of UK’s best dominatrixes showing all her skills in verbal humiliation and classic female domination.

Perverse! Step Bro Pisses Me In The Mouth!

I was at my step bro for 2 days to visit. When I awoke in the morning I had to pee scary, so I’m naked as I was, went to the bathroom! Upps … there stood my step bro just in the tub and wanted to shower .. well, I had to pee now .. I then put on the toilet, which was right next to the tub … he took advantage of it and he pissed me, during I sat on the toilet bowl, into my mouth! I had to blow him then also his tail clean!

Stomach Ache Shit!

I ate too much and now I’m too full my stomach hurts! But my slaves are ready for my shit so I squatted on two chairs and pushes out my shit! They ate it and while I wasn?t quiet finish yet I continue to shit then my best friend joined in to piss in my slave’s mouth while I spit on their mouth.