Oman Shittimg In Bed

Lesbian Pool Scat 2

See the sceond part of Lesbian Poolscat. Beautiful brazilian girls play shit shit games at the pool.

Morning Shitting In Potty

I like to heap the potty 🙂 I got up in the morning and I want to shit in my potty. Love to sit and smoke ecig on the potty, the more I feel like shit.

Piss & Shit Factory – The Doctor’s Test!

In our factory, every woman that deliver their digested food must be tested for health and safety reason, making sure it is either drinkable or edible 🙂 Today our doctor has come to test our newly recruited women if their piss and shit is good enough for distribution! Our good doctor is testing it by herself! She’s pre tasting it for us. So if its good enough for doctor it’s good enough for us.