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Ms D’s Traveling Woman Dumps!!

Ms D was out of town on business and sent in a great trio of clips! Enjoy some great clips from different angles than she can usually get at her office, when she usually does the doo!! In the first clip, enjoy as she rushes to let off a load and some pee she had been holding on the long flight! she takes a quick pee and dump at the airport bathroom. Then Enjoy as she takes a nice gassy dump before going out for the night. Enjoy her facial expressions as she grunts and strains out that gass shit!! Then enjoy as she has a serious case of bubbleguts in the finale

2 Mistresses Piss A Slave In The Mouth!

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Take A Bath With Miss Cheyenne, Dirty Seductive Pee Clip – Full Version (mp4)

FETISH: FEMDOM, SMOKING, FOOT TEASE, DRINKING CHAMPAGNE + MUCH MOREMiss Cheyenne loves to take a bath, this is your chance to watch her, while doing it. Let`s bet you would be live her footsole licker, just a pitty you aren’t around, to get humiliated like one of her 24/7 slaves. He has to drink ‘Champagne de Cheyenne’, kneeling in the background, while your future Goddess talks to you, teasing you and smoking a good cigar …