Omit Cat Puke Poop Shit

Old Man Trains To Become A Dungeon Slave! – Part 3

After testing his body in various ways, they decide that the old man have what it takes to become a slave. They will waste no time and will give him his first client right next day.

How To Shit

my friend roxy tries to shit for the very first time in slaves mouth but she cant. i show her how it works and shit a big big load in his loser mouth. Yumy!Lisa

Mizuki Dine And Dump

Food goes in, poop comes out! (Portrait Mode: 1080×1920)

Shhhh, The Neighbours Can Hear Us!!!two Panties Filled With Poop On The Staircase

We are coming home so desperate to poop that we barely manage to walk.I can’t even move, it’s hurting, the elevator isn’t working at all and our last chance is the staircase.Yeah, but we aren’t living on the first floor!!!! Dannie,shhh!Please the neighbours can hear us.Please be quiet! I can’t Jessy,I can’t !Please wait me,stop for a while! I can’t hold it I just can’t..ohh nooooo! Crap,its smelling badly!The whole staircase smells like shit!Jessy is trying to move forward but noo,she can’t.Her white panties are getting brown again… Do you hear it? Somebody opens the door.Hurry up,he is coming over here!!