Omit Sex Pee Puke Abuse

Scat Casting Continues

Casting for the place of the slave continues. Persistent and persistent, eating shit to earn my favor. This time she made a mess of shit. I have always said, the desire and excitement can work wonders. Do not be afraid of your desires, it is on the right track, she will be toilet girl.


New amazing video in the style of SweetBettyParlour!!!A big pile of crap, the stunning visuals, the ultimate cool sound, hot and smearing fresh shit in the face! A worthy addition to your collection!) Stay tuned we have many more tasty!) Love you!

Tortured At Work Farting & Poo

@ 11.4 Min ? We Are At Work Sitting Next 2 Each Other Working On Papers When I Accidentally Let A Stinky Fart Slip? Oops 😉 You Seem A Little Disgusted So I Decide 2 Have A Little Fun With You & Torture You With My Gassy Farts All Day Long!! I Fart In Your Face? I Wave The Smell At You? I Describe What I Ate 2 Make Them So Nasty? I Even Describe Exactly What They Smell Like Just 2 Gross You Out Further!! After Having Fun With You All Day? I Drag You Into The Bathroom With Me To Make You Watch Me Take The Big Shit That Has Been Working Its Way Through My Colon!! I Sit On The Pot? Torturing You With The Smell? While I Describe How I Can Feel The Shit Working Its Way Through My Body & Out Of My Dirty, Nasty Asshole!! You Can See Me Squirm As I Keep Dirty Talking 2 You 😉 I Wipe My Ass & Show You The Dirty Toilet Paper & My Stinky Load At The End? You Know You Love it!!

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Me and my bitches at the Scatology Hospital love scat, we like role play. We play around with our patients and scat on them. Here you will see us all enjoying our insides eating, kissing and making out with scat all over the ward room. ***For fast download***Special discount***