Ongest Shit Ever

Shit In Shorts 4

On me short denim shorts. I really want to shit. I do it right in the shorts. this can be seen close-up. now my shorts are full of shit. I smear shit on my body and shorts.

Shit Eating Without Pushing Any Limits

Today another kinky and bizarre Godess needed my hungry mouth to defecate !!! She was used with her daily toilets to consume everything and she call me when her slaves were not available. I arrived at Godess home, keep my mouth wide open and ready for my fate : to begin eating another Godess shit at her request, without beeing pushed hard to do that. She let me chew her shit, and swallow easily, and letting me stroke my cock with her shit at the end. No sound because Godess want that way, sorry.

Naked Big Boom!!

Angie makes a great boooom to the toilet! her intestines have a lot of content, all the throws LOUD, HARD to the toilet!

Scat For Andrea

Andrea makes a big shit in front of the camera and licks her own shit…..