Oops Shitoops

Mistress Roberta – Tap Feeder For My Pot

Today my pot will come with a tap feeder and after a short conversation use and humiliation i pee and shit on him and the pieces of shit goes directly in his mouth and after all is in i put the tap to the feeder he haves on his head and let him eat.

Choco Cream Out Of A Teen Ass, In The Slave Mouth, Farted, With Clean Piss Of The Slave’s Face! Cam 1

Here, my girlfriend Contessa Calucci and I have come up with something very special for our teeny Femaleslave, KV-Teen, and for a new toilet slave. Our Female teen slave had to squat with her hot ass over the slave mouth. Then we took a whole can of spray cream, our cream princess, injected in the ass. So that her ass was under extreme pressure, through the cream and the propellant from the can. Listen as she yelps as we inject the cream into her ass. After we had filled her ass, she farted the cream, the slave, in the mouth and face. Our cream Princess farted really, her soul out of her ass and it was not only cream from her horny teen ass, but also delicious teen shit. The mouth and the face of the slave, was then extreme full, of whipped cream and scat. Then have KV-teen and I, the face of the slave pissed clean and he had then to lick her Asshole clean!

500+ Farts & Filth

MASSIVE Compilation comprised of 6 TOP SELLING CLIPS. Liquid Shitting into My Slaves Nose, Shart Injections, First Time Eating My Shit, Scat Torture, Farts & Shit Crammed into my slaves nose, and FART PRANK BACKFIRED!! Each fart and shart is just seconds apart. PACKING this clip FULL of filth. Almost every action point has been cropped and cut into this clip from all 6 clips, making it nearly 6 clips in one. Can you handle it? How long until you bust?!