Oped By Peepingtom

Her Living Pee Toilet

Miss Leah Obscure has to piss and of course a slave bitch will open his mouth for her! So off under the toilet chair he goes with the funnel in his mouth… aaaand swallow! Drink all of the piss! And the lady doesn’t need toilet paper – the slave will lick her clean down there!


Baby is farting shy;)

Homeless Help Made By Lady Chantal

Just arrived at the girls school, I feel, that I need to go to thetoilet. Then I see this homeless person sleeping on a mat. I Cannot help- I must use him as my toilet! So I really love to shit on his head,while he is sleeping – what he then wakes up from.But that is good, because he then is allowed to eat my shit from theground! He started to vomit and moans a bit. To make it easier for him,I additionally pee on the mess before he again tries to eat all up.Next time he should sleep in a hostel for homeless – a girls school isway too dirty for men…