Ops Pooped On You

Missy And Chrissy Education Of A Scateater Day1 P2

Lady Missy is not satisfied with the slave yet. She humiliates him verbally and urges him to lick everything off the floor. Until everything is clean. He even has to roll over the rubber gloves that Lady Missy has worn and even leach them out. With the straw, he also has to sip the remains of the floor, while Lady Missy pulls up in between and spits nice with full power. Shortly thereafter, even the tough snot, which should still be a bit warm through the straw in the mouth of the toilet slave. Then Lady Chrissy comes back to listen to his fictitious job interview with what he should think up, just ridiculous what comes out of it. Actually, this slave is useless, except maybe to eat shit.

Filthy Threesome Makes Some Scatbuns! – Part 2

She squats over the gourmet bread and ejects foul shit all over the plate! She picks up the buns and proceeds to take a bite, as if she’s just eating hotdog on bread. She truly loves this disgusting dish that they made!

Happy New Year!

The most crazy scatscene this year! – SHITTING IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM WOMANS TOILET!!!!!

Kinky Dude Got Some Shit From His Girlfriend

Kinky dude got some shit from his girlfriend