Oral Pee Parti

Professor Makes Good Use Of Three Mind-controlled Schoolgirls! – Part 5

Eventually, the culprit would insert small chunks of food inside the rectum of the women, only to pull them out and consume them! To end it, he inserts a couple of flowers inside the asshole of an unfortunate lady! He then puts them down on their knees and has them suck his dick! The only time he allows them to stop is after he reaches orgasm and has them swallow his cum!

Tiffanys Shit And Shower Part 1

Girls Uses Man

Christina Did Not Shit For 3 Days! – A Serious Test For The Toilet Slave!

Christina was supposed to come to me yesterday, but she had to stay overnight with her boyfriend and we could not meet. But Christina, at my request, did not go to the toilet and ate a lot. Christina came to me this morning – she was keen to shit and I had to urgently serve her! This heap was very difficult to swallow, but Christine was merciless. It was impossible to refuse and I had to swallow everything so as not to cause Christina discomfort!