Orces Taking Shit

Bulge In My New Tights

Oxana is pooping wet huge messy bulge in her new tights.

Shit Out Of My Bathtub

I am sitting of the edge of my bathtub and my slave is lying on the floor. Watch me shitting a huge load directly into his mouth. In the final I give him a short face sitting. You’d like to be in his place.This video was filmed with 2 cameras. You can see the moment of shit coming out of my asshole from 2 different perspectives


Nice and solid, picture perfect poop! (60 FPS).

Late Night Krystals

I found this one in the camera from a few months ago … the morning after a late night run to Krystals! Not only did I have some cheese Krystals which would have been bad enough, but I had chilidog and a shake too! As you can imagine, there is plenty of gas to be heard and lots of plops too.