Orlds Long Best Poop

Mistress Roberta – Hand Feeding From Bowl-pov

Today slave i have a great feeding day for you because it’s starting with farting and having a nice small iron bowl just the right size for the shit i do today and after i shit inside it and fill it with creamy diarrhea i put the glove on one hand and start feeding you by hand .The poop is so creamy and smelly it will be an delice for you my toilet slave. So enjoy and bon apetit.

Pissing – Lucy Lucy

Lucy Lucy enjoys exhibiting herself for the camera as she half-crouches above the toilet while she has a good hard pee. Lucy gives us a good look at her piss and her body.

My Slave Eats My Puke

My slave has proven once again as no-good. To humiliate him so right now I puke him fully and he is ordered to eat the vomit of the mistress. I miss him slaps in the face, because I is not enough its performance I torment him still while I torture him with his nipples. Towards the end, I puke him still on the tail and he gets on my spit.

Look From Rear To

like my Riesnkackwurst plumst in the toilet, splashing Klowasser on my ass and after peeing, ass wipe and pulling .. the remnants remain in the toilet 🙂