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Mistress Roberta -yogurt Feeding And Shit Fucking Part 1

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Shitty Shopping!

Daisy gets ready to head out for christmas shopping. She has a nice sweater on and a pair of very tight skinny jeans. Her yoilet is broken and Daisy’s boyfriend was supposed to fix it, but he hasn’t yet. When she needs to go to the bathroom before she leaves, she not really sure what to do…Looks like she has no choice by to go in her pants! Watch as daisy fills her jeans and panties with a giant, messy load of stinky poop! She’s such a dirty girl! She gives you some great glimpses of her shitty panties, then has a lot of fun getting even more dirty!

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YOU are standing on hot Hold up? I show it to you in front of the camera, showing my pussy and then put a thick hard-boiled egg ;