Outdoor Concert Piss

Excrement Dinner

The mistress shit into the dinner and let the slaves eat it.

Slaves Lesson With Miss Cherie

After a slave has been previously beaten hard by the Dangerous Girls, Miss Cherie checks whether he has learned his lesson and is usable now as a human toilet. His lesson was so brutal and merciless, that he decides to overcome his disgust and open his mouth willingly to the shit and piss of Miss Cherie to swallow. He also gets no mercy, Miss Cherie has to poop and pee neat, although she is not enthusiastic about his performance, but after all the loser has eaten the entire pile. Having facilitated the slave will be imprisoned again and waits for getting used by Miss Jane (in another video).

Come And Eat My Turd

Come on honey and eat my turd. I know you is on my shit and want very much like to try it.