Outdoor Face Shitting

Human Toilet In Action

Today, I used my own human toilet. He crawled to me in the toilet on his knees to serve and fulfill my whims. I ordered him to kiss my shoes and suck heels. When my shoes were clean, he sucked my legs. I got up on him and stomped on his dick, which swelled with excitement. Now I’ll shit in his mouth right in the toilet. It’s great to have your own personal living toilet like mine. He must absorb my shit and toilet paper if he really want to be my toilet every day. In the end, I spit in his mouth and walked along it, causing even more humiliation for him. My toilet was used by me.

Experienced Visitor To Human Toilet Delivers Double Serving!

She has been to visit this huamn toilet many times before and this time she knows she has a full load to deliver! She expertly squats don and pushes out both shit and piss at the same time spreading across the slaves face. She then uses grips to pick up bite sized nuggets of shit to drop into his mouth to make sure he doesn’t waste any of her valuable extracted cargo.

Finally A Hard

Finally I was allowed a hard sausage squeeze through my tight hole. The feeling here is also much hotter than with a soft