Outdoor Lesbian Pissa

Mistress Roberta – Farting And Smearing The New Ecological Leather Leggings-pov

Today i have a new pair of ecological leather leggings and they are very tight and shiny so first you get to kiss my perfect ass while i fart in your nose so you can smell my farts and after slowly i remove the leggings so i can pee and poop i sit on a side so you can see also the pee also the shit comming out and spread wide the ass cheeks to allow the shit to go out because being hard also will go out very hard so after all this i give you my ass hole to lick it clean of all that shit stuck betwin my cheeks and only when you are done you can eat the shit i have spread all over the table .

Lil Stink’s Plopping Back In!!

Lil Stink is back!! My hardest working young PYT is steady making her move up the coprorate ladder, but she still makes time on occaision to relieve herself for our enjoyment!!! Enjoy Five great new private and public toilet adventures! Plenty of pee, ploppage, and great grunts and strains!! She even took it back old school with a nice frontal scene in the finale so you can see her facial expressions!! Another instant classic from one of the sexiest asses ever!!

Second Visitor To Human Toilet And Abducted Businessman!

Word has already got around and more ladies are starting to arrive having been told about new human toilet slaves waiting to serve them. This lady has come fresh from her office and proceeds to deposit her chunks of scat into the well trained human toilet’s mouth. There is much to eat and the human toilet cannot take the load all in one go but works through it steadily until as much as possible is swallowed. After she has delivered her scat, she uses the businessman as human toilet roll and he cleans her dirty asshole with his tongue.