Outdoor Peeing Arab Iner

Flow Of Smelly Diarrhea

My slave lay on the floor and wanted only one thing so I filled his mouth with my shit. But he did not even realize how cruel I am and he’ll have to swallow all my shit without a trace. His desire to serve me as a toilet exceeded all his expectations and he denied, but I shoved the shit into his mouth with a dick and spit there. Now he is a full toilet and is ready to serve the company of several girls. This is his cherished desire.

Ruslana Nude Pantyhose Huge

Ruslana is loading a huge messy shit in sexy tight nude pantyhose,farting and pissing.

After Dinner Shitting

It is always the same story with our Princess Nikki, after the diner she needs to shit late at night 🙂 This time there was a slave by the hand, so why use a toilet?

Close Up Poo Show

Well……a beautiful close up of me Pooing…a big hard Poo. It was so hard my asshole went so wide 🙂 … I needed help to video this to get you close to the action……enjoy 😀