Outdoor Poop Videos

Another Day, Another Dump

Madame Du B doing her morning ritual; showing off that beautiful big booty of hers and then dropping some nasty turds that plop, splish, and splash in her toilet bowl. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter; @Ms_Du_B you will not be disappointed.

Boss Feeds Under Performing Employee With Piss And Pussy!

It is the end of the month so this lady looks at the performance records of the employees. One that caught her attention is of a man who has been under performing consecutively in the previous months! Without further ado, she summons the guy in her office to punish! As soon as he arrives, she throws him on the floor and then lays him on his back! Shortly after, she takes off her lower garments and stuffs her panties inside his mouth, leaving him repeatedly gagging! She later puts the garment away, but it doesnÂ’t signify the end of his punishment, as a matter of fact, it is when things took a turn for the worst! The dominatrix powerfully pries open his mouth and then urinates inside it! This left him swallowing a couple of mouthfuls of her piss!

Scatfest! – Full Movie

It’s not enough for this man to have just one mistress…he needs several! He doesn’t want just mistresses…he wants dominants! So one day, he invites them all to his playroom and asks them to piss and shit on his pathetic body. They restrain him so he looks just like a human toilet. The girls took turns pissing and shitting on him and soon he’s head is drowning in pee and poop mix! Disgusting, but he loves it!

In Public Toilet

Why not take a clip even at the mall, nice bathroom, I like, I can just shit here. ahhaaha