Outdoor Pooping Cat

Pooping Compilation 3

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Dominatrix Feeds Human Pet With Her Feces!

During this day, dominatrix gives an unusual meal to her human pet! Instead of regular food, she defecates in his bowl! Before serving his meal, she makes him lick her asshole clean! After he finished, she hands him the bowl! As expected, he doesn’t even approach it, but that is not a choice! The lady grabs him by the neck and then plunges his face on the stack of poop! Eventually, she steps on the back of his neck to keep him down! At some point, she gets off of him and he is fast to move away from the pile of feces despite already having some on his face! When the woman got some rest, she proceeds to plunge the slave’s face on the pile of poop again, only stopping when he has cleaned his bowl!

Full Body Of Godess Shit And Cumming

Godess want today to see a cumming from her slave. For that she put the slave in the bath tub and order him to wait until she will pee in his mouth and shit through her pink panties. With her huge shit flowing to his body, the toilet slave wash his body, smelling her panties and begun to stroke his cock until he cumm.

Lil Stink Naked Poop

Swear I’m jealous of fellow Lady Keeping It Funky crew member Lia Boo. She gets to go home to Lil Stink every Night!! In This one Lil Stink and Lia Boo went to a hotel for a Romantic Weekend. Lil Stink woke up to take a nice AM before hopping in the shower. She decides that since you all have been loyal subjects she would give you a lil tease of all her goodies! The way she tries to cover herself is just plain adorable. But when you are as ‘blessed in the chest’ as a Lil Stink, it’s impossible to cover everything! So yeah salivate (and masturbate) to your heart’s contempt on this one!