Outdoor Shit Caught

Licking Kaviar From My Feet

Mistress Antonella feeding her slave after she pooped a lot of hot chocolate over his face, into his mouth and on a platter. Hot chocolate pooping and whipped cream that you can see in another other clip she is feeding the slave from the platter, using her feet. She puts her feet into the chocolate and then gives her slave to lick them clean.

Huge Nasty Shit For Dinner

In this video my toilet slave licking my shoes and suck my heels. He loves to clean my feet with his tongue. As a reward for the slave, I allowed him to sniff sweaty shoes from my feet and give me a foot massage. You must do everything for my pleasure. I will always use your mouth as a toilet. Look how a huge long shit sausage comes out of my asshole. You like it, do not you? Get even more shit on your face and spit in your mouth. Do you want to drink my pee? Sweet drops already filling your mouth. I have a lot of shit for your dinner, my toilet.


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Feast For A King – Eat My Shit On A Plate

The ebonyscatprincess is preparing you dinner so sit down and wait to eat..