Outdoor Toilet Pee Boxers

Mistress Gaia Oceanic Crap

An oceanic quantity of shit is going to bury you! You will be completely submerged by a sea of shit. Contemplate, on your knees, how much shit my beautiful ass can produce. Get lost in this immensity!………

Very Cruel Cbt And Scat Longtime Session

Compassion or mercy this slave will not find in me, but it gives me too much joy to see him suffer. I love guys, whining for grace, but that’s about it. He will then only have to suffer even more. Because that is what I experience, see and want him to feel. Miss Jane enjoys this type of submission as I do. Together we torment his genitals with a particularly nasty treatment. Will he be able to use his balls after that? No idea, I also do not care. Finally, he needs to eat our shit, Miss Jane emptied over his head and lets him swallow everything, then I shit in his mouth and press everything in his throat. Would you like to see us? Then check out this video. *smile*

Introducing Ina Loveless!! Smoking And Diarrhea!!

We are turning Tuesday into ‘New’day!!! Say hello to yet another newbie in Ina Loveless!! Enjoy this 19 year old hotties Maiden voyage. She is no stranger to the camera as she loves to perform. Enjoy as she takes a nice smoke while she lets rip some great Farts and GPS action like only the ladies on this site do!!! A perfectly explosive introduction from this sexy young ebony hotty!! Enjoy her facial expressions as she smokes, grunts, and strains at the same time!! She’s been drinking, and enjoy how she describes her bubbly predicament!! Lookout for more from her in the future!!!