Ovie Piss Scene

Car Journey Desperation

Sophia is on her way home following some meetings. She’s had lots of coffee and tea and desperately needs to wee. Unfortunately for her, she’s still about 3 miles from home and stuck behind slow moving traffic. When she finally does get home, she runs up the stairs to the toilet and after getting her jeans and thong down, plops onto the toilet to get relief. Aaahhh…

19. Y.o. Shana From Croatia Shitting…

Watch beautiful Shana in this exclusiv public toilet clip for naturalscatgirls!! – She is a waitress at the beach and is into pooping!!

Lil Stink’s Prarie Dogs And Turtlehead Poops!!

Man oh man, the more I watch Lil Stink, the more I want to be reincarnated as a toilet in the ladies room! lol I am never more jealous of inanimate objects as I am watching Lil Stink handle her biz!! Even with all the new attractions I have on my roster, Lil Stink still is one of the main girls I get a ton of emails about. No suprise watching clips like this!! What a site she is! Enjoy as she was ?Prarie Doggin? and ?Turtlin? like I have never seen her do!! Enjoy two rather long potty breaks as Lil Stink has those logs pop out then go back in!! Watch as her asshole expands and closes as those long turds and nuggets slid in and out!!

Shitting Party Chicks

Sweet Anja + exclusive Prestin doing fantastic poops.The most attractive shitting young girls on the net!