Pabty Shitting

Fantastic Upclose Poo Video

A really fantastic video but wait I want to tell you about it! I wanted to do a strange toilet fetish. So I sit on the bathtub so that my camera is right under my big and perfect ass. With the remote control slowly I get closer and closer so you can see how my hot piss comes out of my hole and then pushing a big piece of shit open my asshole so much! It’s a practically perfect image … and you’ll see everything from very close: let me know what you think, I like these videos!

Girls On Public Toilet Shitting…

Cassie and Emma doing a stinky job…

Pervert Old Man Spiked Laxative To Friend’s Daughters Tea! – Part 1

He invites the young girls over to his house and serves them tea and cakes and secretly pour laxative in their tea, the girls happily accepted the tea but were in shocked when their stomach started rumbling and without any notice produce liquid shit for him to savor. He excitedly takes the poop in his hands and smear it all over his face!