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Lesbians Getting Dirty In Bath With Piss Drinking!

A lesbian couple decides to take a bath together, while one is soaping her body, the other is inside the tub watching! With the sight, it doesn’t take long for the watcher to get aroused and get out of the water! After the soaped female is done rinsing herself, she gets her legs spread apart and have her pussy eaten! It doesn’t take long before she too gets aroused and tolerates the situation! Shortly after, the receiver of pleasure makes things more interesting by peeing inside the mouth of the other woman! She doesn’t complain, instead, just swallows mouthful after mouthful of piss! The only time it stops is when there is nothing left for the sweetheart to urinate!

Surprise Pussy Eating And Piss Drinking!

A man applies and immediately gets accepted for a job which he didn’t bother to learn about. It is only upon arriving in the venue for his first day does her learn of the ill reality! He is brought to what seemed to be a studio where he is made to strip his clothes off! Once he is rendered naked, he is laid on the floor and a nude woman then enters! He thinks he is going to get some sexy time, but the sweetheart suddenly sits on his face and feeds him with her pussy! She spends a generous amount of time on it before getting off of him and securing a piece of cloth over his nose! She then positions herself on top of him again, only this time, she urinates directly into his mouth! With his nose covered, he has no choice but to breathe through his mouth, making it impossible for him to evade the stream of unending piss, consequently causing him to drink every last drop she is able to release!

Threesome Lesbian Action With Scatology Experiment!

Volleyball stadium where the girls practice and while they rest what do they do? Watch the clip and find out 🙂

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HD 1280×720, time 5:55. Toilet slavery. Toiletman will drink all her pee.