Pantie Shitting Teen

Humiliation With A Full Diaper

I’ve caught you again, secretly spying on me. Can you not get enough of me? I can understand that. But rules are rules. Anyone who does not obey my rules will be punished. And today I have something very humiliating in mind. I wrap you in a pink diaper, kick a few times against the balls and order you to pee in the diaper. Out of fear, the diaper gets really full. And what I intend then, you will never be able to imagine.


Blonde is hot pooping in sexy jeans leggings and peeing nasty!

Cory Chase In Toilet Tease

You do not expect me to just let out the poop? I tease you sometimes. Once I am ready, I will drop the shit but not till I am ready…

Ms D Baring Ass Shit!!

Miss D returns! She had to take another wet pre-shower in this one. Listen to the Sharts as the slides out her big beautiful ass. Plenty of the Grunts, Plops, and Strains in this one. Another hot load from my favorite Amazon queen!