Panty Pooping Extreme

Pissing In The Toilet

I bet you want to taste my precious champagne? It is said to be the best on the planet.But I will not let you, just watch me as I go and empty my bladder in the bowl! No talk just peeing

3 Goddesses – Cbt And Scat Feeding With Foot

In the first part 2 Goddesses use and abuse her slave with strapons, cbt and different kind of pain and in the final part, Scat Goddess call her toilet boy at her place and she try to use him as full toilet. Shebegin with a teasing part few times and show him her asshole in a closer look to excite him…..She use him as ashtray and trampling him in her room, then she order him to go to bath because she really need to relieve in his mouth asap ! In the main part, she really know how to feed her full toilet : with her feet ! She push her shit with feet many times into his throat, chocking him in her kaviar !

Klaudia’s Pee Drinking – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 10:04. Klaudia pees to toilet slave mouth. She using him to satisfy herself 🙂

Undigested And Digested Food Play!

Horny beautiful Goddess is all on her own, she decided to play with her food. Crushing and trampling on the food before she squatted to piss on it and continues to mash the food with her stunning feet. She then let out some of her brown shit and carries on playing with the food mashing together with her shit. She then stimulates herself using her fast moving fingers. This is her fetish! 🙂