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The Funkiest Day Ever!!

OH MY LORT!! Just when I thought it couldn?t get better than Ayanna?s July 4th antics, then came July 12th!! All these clips happened over the course of one day!!! Ayanna had a real bad case of gas and the shits ? only problem was she was at work!!! Enjoy as she starts off with some nice panty farts. Then enjoy as she decides to make the most of all this gas and shit and decide to make some of her funkiest clips yet! She had to go shit 5 times while on a double shift ? I can personally say I have never had to shit more than once in a day at work!! Enjoy as she poops on the floor on a plate, then does a nice overhead shot, a nice front facing shot so you can hear and see her grunts and strains, and then several rearview shots. A TON of farting, sharting, and plops in between!!! July 12 with go down as the Shittiest day ever!!! Well over 20 minutes of farting and shitting from one long day at work!! What the hell did she eat?!!!

Womans Toilet At Department Store..

every curios how kinky a womens toilet looks like… Our camera-poopgirl Jody shows the the best girls toilets in Europe..Here at Shopping City South Vienna, she is shitting on the floor of the girls toilet and leaves the turd there….

Scat Deep Hand And Real Swallow – Xtra Enormous Scat By Barbara Ferraz

Extra Pervers New Scat Movie. Very Big Scat Come Out Of The Ass From Barbara Ferraz And Go Direct In The Throat Of Her Slave. The Slave Real Swallow The Scat And Domina Put Her Whole Hand In Her Mouth. Extra Pervers Dirty Scat Movie!!