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Scat Fisting And Dildo

Dressed in a garter belt with stockings, I fist my pussy and I make shit, I fuck my shitty ass with a dildo, I search my ass with my fingers and I fart … my dirty ass dripping of shit, my man Comes to fist me, he rummages my ass with his fingers and stick his shitty hand in my mouth ….

Desperate To Shit, Stuck In Traffic!!!

I just had lunch at this Mexican restaurant and my tummy is bubbling…I gotta shit bad!!! I’m in my car rushing home and the damn traffic is a bitch! I’m worried I’m going to shit my pants but I eventually make it home in time to spray out a nasty load…and you guys get close up shots of my perky asshole and pussy 😉

Slave Used Publicly!

Have a slave, used publicly by a swimming lake, as a toilet and leak servant, in front of spectators, bathers and walkers! First I pissed him into his slaves mouth and on his cock, then had the slave lick me clean! And all this in front of the spectators!

Farting And Naughty Lingerie Poo

@ 6 Min ? I Start Off Telling You What All I Ate 2 Make Me So Gassy! Then I Unleash Some Farts For You While I Dirty Talk! Time 2 Go To The Bathroom Where I Am Wearing Some Naughty Lingerie & Being Your Naughty Shit Girl. I Dirty Talk Even More To You As I Push Out My Fat Turd. You Love Watching The Chocolate Come Out Of My Ass Don?t You? Oh, It Smells So Bad?.So Stinky. Mmmm? You Love It & I Love Doing It For You 😉