Pantyhose Toilet Pee Boxers

Mass Shit Orgy 2

We continue this shocker with turd eating sequences you havent seen before!

Synchronous Shit Of 2 Dominas In 2 Slave Mouths And Shit-cock Clean Blow! Part 2

Here you can see the second part, from a total of 3 parts, from the 28 minute full movie Synchronous shit of 2 Dominas in 2 slave mouths and shit-cock clean blow!

Toilet Slave Swallows Smelly Shit, Urine And Secretions

Alina dominates the slave – brutally beating. Before the process of eating shit, Alina allows the slave to sniff her pussy and ass through shorts. Alina knows that the slave strongly wants to eat her shit and teases him, pulls back this sweet moment ..


I did not have any Fiber One snacks in few days but I did try some bite size prunes (which tasted like raisins). This is the result of eating 2 of them today. So watch as my piss trickle through my pubic hair before my O prepare for the turd soon to come. I slowly wiped and etc before flushing the toilet.