Pantypoop Farts

Mistress Roberta – Flip Flops, Humiliation Before Beakfast

Today my pot will serve my mood wants him so i took my flip flops and sexy top and an mini skit and i order him to worrship my flip flops, after i play with his tongue enough i pee on him fo a nice golden shower and he misses the rain, so i humiliate him and shit in his mouth fill his body with shit and make him stroke untill he cums but of course he will not because he is way to excited so i laugh at him and humilaite him more, enjoy!

Two Long Soft Sausages

Too bad the first sausage has not gone quite that really would have been a beauty, but even so it’s a nice sausage;)But you still get behind a second soft sausage!

Shitting In The Diaper

Relief in a Windel.Na You want me to clean up?