Pantypoop Outside

Alina Strongly Wanted To Shit At The Party And Came To Me

Alina strongly wanted to shit at the party and came to me

What Relief!!

Man Oh Man!! Sweetie has been holding her shit in for a few days, and what sweet relief she got letting this load out!! ENjoy as she rushes into the bathroom. Then she takes a explosive piss on the toilet. Then enjoy a Shartfest as she lets out little farts while she uncorks a massive shit!! It came out like a cork screw. A huge pile of all the corn and spinach she had been eating over the two days it took to get that shit out!!

Aria’s Making Letters With Turds!

Aria Literally put the ‘J’ in Jerkoff in this clip!! Enjoy three ploptastic clips as this hotty was litterally speaking with turds instead of words, lol!! These are priceless clips as she strained out some marvelous logs as usual!!! She’s pregnant and cranking out a rack of clips right now!! She has literally sent me so many I could run this site just on her clips alone this month!!