Part Shitting

Open Mouth 4 Shit

I am sitting on your face! Open your mouth and taste my hufe and delicious shit my slave!

Princess Punishes Daddy With Puke And Feces Eating! – Part 3

The sweetheart drags the man’s face all over the floor to make him continue eating his puke! Shortly after, she starts picking vomit from the ground and stuffing them into his mouth! When there is barely anything left, she lays him on his back on the ground and then defecates on top of his face! After which, she starts serving her poop into his mouth to feed him with it! Only stopping when there is nothing left!

Voyeur Bathroom Wetting – Peeing From A Voyeurs Point Of View

You are watching her from the bed, she gets up goes over to the bathroom, pulls her shirt down and goes, she wipes, pulls her skirt back up, checks her hair and face in the mirror, etc before returning back the the bed.

Amateur Chick With Big Ass Shitting

Amateur chick with big ass shitting