Part Toilet Cam Shit

Shitting On Girlfriend Mouth – Part 1

A nice couple join us and share with us their kinky and bizarre fetish : He shit in his girlfriend mouth and humiliate the girl, telling her to chew his shit, swallow or put it on her breasts, face, mouth, body. Very kinky couple.

Goddess Andreea – Slaves In Cage Then Enema

Today Goddess Andreea order her slaves to wait for her in the attic. She have many weird things there, ioncluding a real cage. She use her toilets upstairs, humiliating them in the attic and make them bisex. When she was exhausted she give them another order to wait her in the toilet area, to use their mouths for a good enema. Another day from their toilet activity with a gorgeoues mature Goddess !!

Rena Can’t Take It

Playful fun with poop! But can she withstand the aroma?

Drop By Drop

In the video you will see me, Mistress Melissa, in the company with a pathetic slave, a real pee-maniac. I really hate him ’cause he is a bastard in the private life, an opportunist, a liar (and, too often, he stinks horribly). So, it was a very pleasure for me to make him lying in the very cold bath tube and piss abundantly in his mouth. Obviously he must drink all my delicious urine, drop by drop.