Party Girl Pee

Lady Yuna-scat Dream Continues

Dream or nightmare. It depends entirely on your fantasy. For my slaves probably a dream. He is lying under my ass and wait with open mouth for a big turd. This I serve him and then piss his whole face full. He has to fight with it. But I really motivate him to eat everything with hard beats. To make it easier for him, I stuff some with my hand into his open mouth. He chokes and really seems to suffer. But I know that he has his fun. Slaves love me for not knowing any mercy.

Sorry Slave You Stay Until You Swallowed All The Shit Part 8

Girls Uses Man

Goddess Andreea – Threesome Scat Epic Movie

After almost 2-3 weeks of free vacation, Goddess Andreea is back for all her toilets. She love to work and pleasure sametime and that’s why she call both her slaves to use them and humiliate them. She give them something special from the beginning to can have their cocks hard and to dilate their anuses for her big strapon ! She order them to worship her asshole in blue pantyhose, to clean her boots and to suck their cocks each other. She just love bisexual party in 3 !!! She put one of her slave to get his ass ready for a good hard strapon fucking, beeing tied up on her bench. At the end, she use both mouths to pissing into them and defecate. She oblige them to cumm, while she was sitting right on their mouths and while they eat her shit and drink her piss. Another great comeback movie with Goddess Andreea.

Lick My Toilet Clean!

Now I will get harter to you SLAVE! I don my clothes if it comes into my mind that I have to employ you while I go shopping. I don’t want you to get into mischief. Before I instruct you to lick my toilet clean I relieve myself in front of you. Mistress-juice – how glorious – lick slave, LICK!