Passed Out Asian Shits

Sugar Hill’s Farts, Shaving, And Sharts!!

Sugar Hill is back with a hot new “Back to Basics” clip!! My fans know this is what I started LKIF for and the clips I love the most. I know this is Scatshop and we have evolved lol, but I love clips like these when the ladies go back to basics doing what they do naturally. Enjoy a nice set of 4 clips as Sugar Hill Shows us her evening Dooty in her bedroom toilet!! A nice bunch of farts, sharts and plops in each scene. In one scene she even shows us as she shaves her pussy! A nice visit inside the bathroom with one of the Biggest asses ever!! That’s 60 inches of heaven you’re looking at!!


Oxana is nasty pooping in new dark blue panties nice messy shit for you!

My First Enema Video!

I love love love enemas. So when someone said they like to see girls poop I had to make this video. I have use enemas many times before but this is my first recording. Watch me slowly put the nozzle in my tight ass, play with my pussy, then slowly release my poop.