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Vr Transform You Twice

This is custom order, no names were used.You transforming me into sentient food that cant and as a reward you eat me so your goddess body make major improvements on my inferior existence as it slides though you. Also you make fun of my extreme pain and suffering as your goddess tummy digests me in extreme pain. Then you make fun of me as you are me out knowing ill have to live forever in that lowly form.

Sex Pee Commune On Tour

The Sex Commune was on tour in Denmark and the Piss sluts have let it crash again. In the middle of the residential area horny pissing is what keeps the stuff. And of course outdoor because otherwise it does not look * laugh * … First I pee Rosella in the mouth and then the hot jet on her pussy. She was so horny that she immediately pissed. And the fellow traveler had to get rid of his piss-ray. But Rosella has swallowed everything as usual.

Piss Drinking

Cherry is administered via piss funnel and hose. She swallows willingly down the whole piss by Mr. X and Isabelle.