Peculum Shitting

Two Nurses Fill A Man’s Stomach With Their Piss! – Part 2

As usual, a time came that the ladies exhausted the contents of their bladder! As a result, they take turns sitting on the victim’s face and rubbing their pussies on his mouth, consequently making him to orally pleasure their vaginas!

Aria’s Still Making Noises! Grunts, Plops & Strains!

People always ask me who my favorite is. I swear it’s like picking a favorite !! I can’t pick just one – but I’d be lying if I didn’t Rank em. Honestly that Ranking changes everyday, but since I’m posting an Aria Clip Right now I’m gonna say this is my favorite Lady! Seriously if not my #1 she is for sure my top 3. If you are into hearing a woman Grunting and Straining like Jon Witherspoon on Friday – this is your girl!! She is in rare form with the noitses coming out her mouth and ass in this one!! And of Course now it’s in Premium 1080p so it looks and sounds so much sexier!! All the farts, plops, tinkles, and splashes you can love in a dozen minutes

Shitting On My Toilet Slave While My Girlfriends Watch!

I need to go to my toilet, I squatted on the stool and pushes my shit out straight into my toilet’s mouth. I instructed him to eat it all while my friends watch, laugh and mock my slave I continue to deposit loads of shit into his mouth.

Shit And Piss In A Toilet

2 min piss and shit