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50 Shades Of Brown. Part 8

Once there was a popular movie – 50 Shades of grey. So we have decided to make our own version without all that not necessary nonsense. Only sex, only shit, only hardcore.It is 50 shades of drown, 50 shades of Shit, 50 shades of filthy and everything you could hardly imagine what can happen between loving couple..Epic, lovely movie with tons of shit from asses, from bags, from everywhere. We love our work, our life, our filming and way we live in almost daily scat sessions. Hope you enjoy our show too.Shit Kisses. Aria.

Sugar Hill’s Bedroom Heat Check!!

It might be cold outside this winter, but Sugar Hill Is on Fire!!! Enjoy in this clip as Sugar Hill literally does a heat check!! Enjoy as she inserts an anal thermometer in her ass to check her temperature. That thermometer getting shoved in her asshole done got her hot and heavy!! Enjoy as she goes from checking her temp, to having a little fun!! Next she takes a Suppository and pushes it in and out her ass. Not done having fun, enjoy as she plays with her pussy as well. She also spreads nice and wide allowing you to see every inch of that big monster hot ass!!!


New amazing video in the style of SweetBettyParlour!!!A big pile of crap, the stunning visuals, the ultimate cool sound, hot and smearing fresh shit in the face! A worthy addition to your collection!) Stay tuned we have many more tasty!) Love you!

200 Shit Only Shit

200 Clip in English by Mistress Isabella! Hallo my dear caviar’s eater, usually i do not upload clips of only shitting but this one is fantastic! Bautifull sound, all in english, my shit was difficoult to do, it was to have an ORGASM when the caviar go out from my ass!!!!! MP4. Beautifull close up, it is a very dirty video!!!! EXITING.