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Loosing Scat Virginity. Cute Second Camera. Part 1

This is very nice footage from second camera.Introducing: Matilda and Amelia.Faces are hidden only in the preview pictures, in video there are no censorship.Hi everyone, it is Matilda, and here is what happened with me. My friend – Amelia never knew that I love filthy sex and scat, she always was vanilla person and seriously saying I was scared to share with her my filthy fantasies, and to tell her how our company spend time.. But several days ago she came to my place and while I was not in the room she took my laptop and ocasionally found our videos.I was absolutely shocked and surprised, but most of all I was surprised by her reaction. She told me that she wants to get involved to be part of this too and to get her first scat experience to the camera.So, the video you are going to watch is literary her first experience with shit play and her first experience in recording for the camera. Double loosing of virginity so to say.And this video – it is very horny. Horny as hell.So watch yourself.Kisses.Matilda and Amelia

Scat Couple

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‘hd’ ‘you Spy On Your Friend Peeing But You Were Not Prepared For This’

I locked myself out again. I always screw up with my key, it’s so bad. I need to piss like a racehorse, so I really want to get in and go to the toilet. They keys that I got don’t seem to fit. I try them while holding my crotch, but in the end I really think that I am already leaking so I go to the bushes and unleash my piss power onto some weeds. It cuts into the ground like a precision laser. What a huge relief.