Pee And Cat Ting

Goddess Shitting And Washing In Her Bath Tub

Goddess was in a hurry today and she need to relieve her asshole asap. She goes to bath tub, and shitting and pissing into that bath tub. She washing and cleaning her body for her toilets pleasures.

Slave, Piss In His Mouth, With Piss Slurping From The Ground!

A slave had contacted me because he wanted to swallow my piss and I should piss him in his mouth while I’m standing over him. So I just met with him and I have him pissed in his mouth while I’m standing over him. And I was very dominant and have Female Domination operated. Since he could not swallow it all and lots of my Divine piss landed on the ground I told him this from the floor to sip. What the slave then also did could he indeed had no choice!

498 Gr Shit

Absolutely amazing to amount out of my horny ass filled plops into the bathtub because! One of my biggest portions POOP! 498 gr pure SHIT! And of course I had to pee too 🙂 women have always both at the same time and to resist the … is hard! Here I leave everything running simultaneously! A close-up view is logical to me .. 🙂 And ditto my comments 🙂 Superb .. my position at POOP … vieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel fun that you’ll have!