Pee And Crying

Queen Sylvy’s ‘the Boss Is Here’!!

What is it about Brazilian Women that makes them so damn Sexy?!!! I swear these two new ones from Queen Sylvy I personally haven’t been able to stop watching!!! If you follow my store, you know I have models from all over the world. But NO ONE is more on my mind at this moment than Queen Sylvy!! When Folks as what I love best, there is nothing I love more than seening a big sexy perfect as do what they do naturally on the toilet!!! I don’t need the extras, doing cartwheels and shit, just seeing a woman do what she would normally, with a little finesse and seduction mixed in. I have grown to love all aspects of EFRO, but my initial only love is still my favorite type of clip.Enjoy two new treats she made from an nice and up close angle on that PERFECT ass of hers!! The First clip is quick and FUNKY as she pushes out a few massive, water splashing on the seat logs. But the second scene? Easily the best one she has done for me so far!!! Her asshole was stretched to the max pushing out log after log. Enjoy her sexy grunting and straining as she drops a heavy load!! Then she switches up the angle towards the end so you can enjoy as she rubs her tits and pushes out some more while smoking her cigarette and drinks her coffee. The Coffee and cigarette are both great at helping her get out the final pee and plops stuck in her ass!! This is by far the Hotest one to date!! For all you that love seeing her logs nice and up close this is winner winner chicken dinner!! Her shirt sums it up best – The Boss is here and she came to dominate!! Nobody is doing natural toilet action like Queen Sylvy Right now!!

Fat Man Eats A Bowl Of Poop!

After a long day at work, this man comes home really hungry, but only to be greeted with her wife who has forgotten to cook! Out of desperation, he decides to bend the sweetheart over and then finger fuck as well as suck her asshole to bring her poop out! His efforts served effective since she eventually starts defecating into a bowl! Once she is done, the hungry fat man proceeds to eat everything!

Domi Scat And Puke

Domi gives the slave a good lesson how to swollow a lot of ship and vomit. very intensive clip.

Gagging On My Mistress Shit

I licked my Mistress’s ass hole and she shit on my face then she rubs it all over, it was nice but it made me gag as she kept stuffing it in my mouth to eat.