Pee And In Girls Stomach

288 Hard Big Turd 4u

288 Clip of 10 minutes in english… I have to do an HARD BIG TURD and …. it is very BIG!!!!!! After I give to you to eat it…. my dear, you MUST eat IT!!!!! Mp4 fast download

Schoolgirl Uses Her School Book As A Toilet

*This video includes the longest pee i’ve ever done on camera (40 second stream!)*. I am wearing my school uniform and a pair of black glasses and sitting at my desk doing some homework. It’s about capitals, I have to write as many capital cities as I can remember. I talk to myself as I do it, saying how bored I am, how this isn’t going to help me get a job or make money when i’m older. I get really annoyed and decide to show this book and all my teachers what I think of them. I move into my kitchen, throw the book on the floor, take my panties off and start peeing all over the book. This is the longest pee i’ve ever done on camera, the stream lasts for about 40 seconds! I tell the book how worthless I think it is and why i’m peeing all over it. I make a massive puddle all over the kitchen floor and I completely soak the book. But then I decide that’s not extreme enough to show how I feel about homework, so I push out several logs of soft shit on the book too, including some close-up views of the shit coming out. I bring the camera in close so you can see the puddle and pile in detail. I show you the book afterwards, it is completely destroyed, dripping wet and covered in shit.

The Juicy Girl Shitting In The Bathroom

Beautiful girl with big Breasts sexy pooping in the bathroom with the music. Rubs herself thighs a piece of shit. Trying to taste sweet scat

Schoolgirl Pee In A Funnel To Punish Peeping Tom

Peeping tom caught lingering around the women’s dressing room so as a punishment she pisses on a funnel through his mouth so she wouldn’t report him to the headmistress