Pee And Poop During Sex

8 Awesome Pees

1. First video is of me peeing at a local bar with a dirty toilet…. I previously posted this video in my store.2. Second is a pee at a bar while I was visiting Seattle. The door was broken with no lock so thankfully I don’t have a problem with peeing in public!!3. Third is the Pee in Seattle NAKED in my garters and heels in the living room off the fold down couch/bed!! Long streaming pee and really nice close up!4. Forth is a quick pee on the back deck over looking the Columbia River and the Interstate Bridge in the background.5. Fifth is me explaining the proper way to give a urine sample while at the hospital. That was a fun day! Not!6. Sixth is a pee I took at a local bar here in town while I was out and about dressed in a leather skirt and garters and my Doc Marten boots. You get a real feel of how hard it is to get dressed again after peeing while out and about.7. Seventh is me peeing outside while out and about at night while snowing. Just having fun with a friend who is now going to be a new video friend.8. Eight is my new video buddy’s FIRST PEE EVER in public while being videoed!!! She’s a natural and SUPER SEXY!!!!

Extorted Women Slave Training! – Full Movie

These women has been a victim of extortion by these mafia guys.. They manipulated them and made them do what they want against their will! They are training these girls to be an obedient slave! See this movie packed with action of sex, abuse and enema!

Pee & Pooping For Scat Slave

Video starts while I am dressed in a sexy dress under the shower. I show you my beautiful tits, to stick out my ass and I tell you lick it and drink my pee. I make beautiful poo and tell you to lick my dirty ass. My small and tiny feet, size 5 crush shit. I want you to lick my dirty feet and toes. I take a small pellet into my hand and say you ate it and licked. At the end of the clip showing your mess.

Mistress Gaia Unusual Sitting

A very special defecation in a very unusual position. Thanks to my posture you can contemplate my perfect ass from a new perspective and enjoy even better as my shit comes out! Enjoy the view, come on, take it!To succeed in seeing the clips, I suggest you to get hold of VLC media player. Also visit my website Mistress Gaia..