Pee And Poop Pantyhose

Lesbian Poop Smearing And Eating! – Part 2

Part 2 – The woman who is now bent over on top of the chair is defecating on the hands of her partner! When she couldn’t release anymore, they would face each other again and spread the poop all over themselves! They would then intensely kiss one another until they get completely contented! Though, it doesn’t end there just yet! They would later take turns orally pleasuring each other’s vagina and then follow it with more poop activity by giving one another an enema! They would then release their second round of feces on each other’s faces! They would catch most of it into their mouths for them to spit swap before finishing with swallowing!

Shit Reward For Slave

Usually, before stuffing a slave with my shit, I command him to lick my pussy and my asshole, that I will be emotionally ready and relaxed. With enough good lighting, you can see a close-up – I fill the slave’s mouth with shit and at the same time make him to drink my pee. All this comes out simultaneously and drops drip right down my shit and fall into the throat. In order not to feel discomfort and unpleasant odor, I make the slave to swallow quickly. He realizes that he is JUST a TOILET for me and I will use his mouth later again.

Mistress Roberta – Pooping In Leggings For You To Eat From My Ass-pov

Today o take my nice red leggings on and i shit and pee inside them after i removed the leggings under the ass to take out the shit and spread it on my ass for you to lick it clean but some remained also on the table you will have to lick that too and on the glove and my arm ,enjoy!

Pissing Inside Her Ass

Pissing inside her ass (JJ000602)