Pee Babes Sandycheeks

Order For The Toilet Slave 5 Lassie

Order for the toilet slave 5 Lassie! Toilet slave turned to our studio to buy shit of the girls. He did not want to take part in the shoot, but wanted to enjoy the taste of shit girls. He waited downstairs while the girls were preparing gifts for him! He asked the girls not to see him, he just wanted to take the shit and leave – his request was fulfilled! So he asked that the girls were with the balls, looked beautiful and very tightly ate the day before. The girls had to look at the camera and humiliate him verbally!

Big Long Log On The Floor

This is a video of me running into the bathroom quite desperate to use the toilet, sitting on the toilet backwards, peeing into the toilet and pushing my logs over the rim of the toilet seat on to the floor. It is a very big, soft movement consisting of some almost foot long logs! Probably one of the biggest movements of mine caught on camera. I show it off afterwards.

Cooking Spaghetti Poopinaise! – Part 2

She dumps in a bowl and then mixes it with the meat, making the sauce richer and more pungent! She makes her boyfriend eat it to make sure it tastes fucking right!

Princess Nikki And Princess Milla Piss

Princess Nikki and Princess Milla piss in glases and give the drinks to the slaves!