Pee Boots Etc

You Kidnapped And Tortured My Shitty Ass

You Tie my hands with a cord, you place a plastic bag over my head and tie it tight. You press play and record my im scared im cold im naked and need to shit, you tell me to shit and the nyoull let me go. I try to get out of my tied cords but its tied too tight, i dont know where i am and wh oyou are so i comply with your orders. I sight back and bgin to shit it bust through my tight animal print panties you yell at me and tell me to rip them off! i yel back and say LET ME GO PLEASE!!! again you say rip them pantieso ff, so i rip awhole in my panties and completly rip them off cutting through the fabric as i sit there it gets harder to breathe so i begin to breathe harder and harder thru the bag but im not getting any air i plead to get some air, but the torture of me begging makes ur cock grow, but you come over and lift the bag and let me breathe i look into yur eyes and begin to CRY please let me go i beg you i did as you asked i shitted and even peed for you PLEASE!!!!! you then say let me seethose ripped panties with your shit on them, so i show you them you moan and begin to stroke your cock as the sight of my creamy brwon shit and ripped panties make you want to cum, i beg to be let out of my tied cords i promise i wont do anything so u come over and let me out of them i sit there and begin to tell you how good i was to you, how i shitted for you pissed for you farted i did a very nasty thing for you, you say you want more you want to see me suffer more and torture me more the thought of me being in pain turns you on, i get scared but you dont vare u say u need to come so you get up and walk towards me with evil in your eyes, you throw the bag over my head again and this time you hold it tie as i scream!!!! i need air!!! you drip recum as you desire more torture so u get the creamy shit and begin to smear it all over the bag as i LOUDLY BREATH THRU THE BAG GASPING FOR AIR SO MUCH SHIT IS BEING SMEARED OVER MY BAGGED FACE AND YOU EXPLODE WITHOUT EVEN TOUGHING UR COCK AS YOU ALWAYS DREAMED OF TORTURING A SCAT SLAVE AND FINALLY IT HAS BEEN FULLFILLED! YOU FEEL SO POWERFUL AS YOU LEAVE ME THERE CLOSING HTE DOOR AND LOCKING IT LOOKING FOR MORE TO TORTURE!

Accept The Queen’s Toilet Slavery B37

Goddess on the box urine to slave drink, on the slave mouth began to move bowels. Development of slave anus with rubber gloves

Direct Shitting From The Chair Into The Bowl – Part 1

A chocolate-lover tasted my delicious sausages. I gave it to him directly shitting in the bowl, while the kitchen chair 😉 Look also to Part 2, because the sausage was a little smaller, he got a second for free 😉