Pee Caoutchouc

The New Challenger In Chair Part 5

Girls Uses Man

Eat My Monster Shit

Today have a more shit for my toilet slaves. I want to shit right in the mouth. And if you ready to swallow and eat my shit just open wider your mouth and catch my piece of shit. This is a very tasty dinner for my toilet slaves. Come to me, I will feed you.

Pee For My Thirsty Slave

My puppy slave is jerking off in his cage while I’m peeing for him. I pour some hot pee over him, while he is stroking his cock, then I unlock his cage and invite him to drink my tasty pee. He is soooo happy!

Housewife Punishes Husband By Pissing On His Face! – Full Movie

A woman caught her husband cheating so she punishes him! She employs the most unusual and unpleasing mode of torment to make sure he doesn’t repeat it again which is urinating on his face! During the punishment, some of the piss got into the victim’s nose, causing him to open his mouth in the pursuit to grasp for air, however, this only led him to swallow some of her urine! Lucky for him, she doesn’t prolong his agony. She stops as soon as she released all her piss!