Pee Desperion

Happy Birthday Mistress Antonella

After preparation of her slave with mummification, for her Mistress’s Birthday, Mistress Antonella offer to her slave a Chocolate cake and a glass of her Champagne. After blowing the candle, the slave ejaculate some milk on the Mistress’s Cake, he eat a slice of chocolate cake with milk and drink a glass of the Mistress’s Champagne.

Peeing Collection In Japan 2-2

There are lots of pissing scenes of Japanese pretty ladies.

Stocking Mistress Feeds Slave Scat And Golden Juice!

She orders him to remove her panties and lick her cunt to make it soaking wet. She aims her wet cunt and pisses full power into his face. She pisses into a cup, drinks the liquid, and spits the pee into his mouth! He fingers her ass to stimulate her hole then she aims on his face and chest and sprayed her sticky shit all over him. She rubs the shit all over his face and chest. Then she licks her own shit and scatters it all over his mouth!

Shitting While Standing … Horny Perspective 😉

I position my ass almost directly above the camera and press out my chocolate. You have a clear view of my ass