Pee Do Swimming Costumes

Honey Brown. Snake Charmer Extraordinaire!!!

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The Ladies Toilet

One of our slave victims was late, so we used one of the toilets in thehouse. But in there we found a guy besides the urinal, who supposed tobe a ladies-toilet! So we used him. :-)He did not know, what he had to expect – he did not only get pee from us- no – he also must lick up all from the ground and suck the rest out ofa bread, we put into the pee.Meanwhile he received a nice trampling from us.I think, he will remember us for a long while!

Ariel’s Morning Shit

It’s a big one, it comes out fast and hard. Very dark brown pile of shit. I’ve held it all night long and now I gotta go an there is nothing that’s going to stop it coming out.